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In 1995 I needed extensive renovation work to be done to my house. Chris Bolland carried out the work doing an excellent job.
His team did everything quoted for and were realistic about the additional costs for changes to the plan.
Move forward 18 years and I have planning permission for a complete new build house on a vacant plot of land. I contacted Chris Bolland who is now co-owner director of L&B Brickwork and agreed a price for the work. I am delighted to say that L&B Brickwork have worked fantastically on the build. As a novice selfbuilder I have been fortunate to find such a company to take on the work. I didn’t want to employ a dedicated project manager and thankfully with the input of Chris and L&B Brickwork the build has gone very well.
L&B Brickwork has guided me through many aspects of the self-build, so that I have avoided potential problems. Their hands on approach to the work, attention to detail and input in areas outside his direct responsibility has saved a great deal of time and money. For me the entire selfbuild process, once planning was approved, has been stress free. I can definitely recommend Chris and L&B Brickwork.

John Wright